BioNordikan varastotuotteet Cultivatorin City-Labissa/

BioNordika’s stock products in Cultivator City-Lab

Restriction enzymes (NEB)

R3552SAge I HF300 U
R3136SBam HI HF10000 U
R0176SDpn I1000 U
R3101SEco RI HF10000 U
R3193SNco I HF1000 U
R3131SNhe I HF1000 U
R3189SNot I HF500 U
R0560SPme I500 U
R3156SSac I HF2000 U
R3138SSal I HF2000 U
R3182SSph I HF500 U
R0145SXba I3000 U
R0146SXho I5000 U

Size markers (NEB)

N3231S100 bp DNA ladder100 gel lanes
N3232S1 kb DNA ladder200 gel lanes
N0467SQuick load 100 bp DNA ladder125 gel lanes
P7712SColor protein standard, Broad range100 gel lanes

Modification enzymes and polymerases (NEB)

M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 U
M0202ST4 DNA Ligase20 000 U
M0203ST4 DNA polymerase150 U
M0290SAlkaline Phosphatase (CIP)1000 U
M0303SDNase I (RNase free)1000 U
M0491SQ5 HF DNA Polymerase100 U
M0491LQ5 HF DNA Polymerase500 U
M0493SQ5 HS HF DNA Polymerase100 U

Molecular biology reagents

BN-1006-08dNTP Mix (10 mM each), BioNordika0.8 ml
BE51200AccuGENE Water, MolBio1 L
BN-50004LE Agaroosi BioNordika500g
H-1000VECTASHIELD® Mounting Medium10 ml
H-1200VECTASHIELD® with DAPI10 ml

Cell culture consumables

227261PP-TUBE, STERILE, 50 ML 30,0/115 MM,500 PCS
188271PP-TUBE, STERILE, 15 ML 17,0/120 MM1000 pcs
541070Cell scraper, blue 28cm100 pcs
122279CRYO.S, STERILE,2 ML 12,5/48MM, INT500 pcs
126279CRYO.S, STERILE,2 ML 12,4/47MM,EXT500 pcs
65518096-well plate, sterile flat-bottom100pcs
FPE204030Syringe filters 0,22µm, PES, sterile45 pcs
FNY402030Syringe Filter,Nylon,0.45um, sterile45 pcs
SM-1Cryomarker, alcohol resistant1 pcs
501981-6TWEEZERS, ECONOMY, #76 pcs

Cell culture media (Lonza)

BE12-167F RPMI 1640 w/o L-Glutamine500 ml
BE12-614FDMEM w/ 4.5g/L glucose w/o L-Glut500 ml
BE17-516FPBS-1X w/o Ca, Mg500 ml
DE17-602EPen/Strep stock, 10K/10K100 ml
BE17-605EL-Glutamine 200mM100 ml
BE17-161E Trypsin-Versene (EDTA) Mix (1X)100 ml