BioNordikan varastotuotteet Kuopion City-Labissa/

BioNordika’s stock products in City-Lab Kuopio


R3133SSpeI-HF®(High Fidelity)500 units
R0141SSma I, recombinant2000 units

Vector IF &IHC Reagents

H-1000-10 VECTASHIELD® Mounting Medium10 ml
L-1100 Griffonia (Bandeiraea) Simplicifolia Lectin5 mg

Molecular biology products

BN-1006-08dNTP mix 10mM each0,8ml
BN-50004LE Agaroosi 500 G

Cell culture products

BE12-167FRPMI 1640 w/o L-Glutamine 500 ml
BE12-164FDMEM w/ 4.5 g / L-Glucose w/o L-Glut500 ml
BE13-115ESodium Pyruvate Solution 100 nM100 ml
BE17-161ETrypsin-Versene (EDTA) Mix (1X)100 ml
BE17-512fDPBS 0.0095M(PO4) w/o Ca and Mg 500 ml
BE17-516FPBS-1X w/o Ca, Mg500 ml
BE17-60SEL-Glutamine 200 mM 100 ml
DE17-602EPen/Strep stock 10K/10K 100 ml
BE51200AccuGENE Water, MolBio1 L


606180Serological pipette, sterile 5ml200 pcs
607180Serological pipette, sterile 10ml200 pcs
664160Cell Culture dish 100mm, vented360 pcs
616201Microcentrifuge tube 1.5ml with lid4000 pcs
623201Microcentrifuge tube 2.0ml with cap4000 pcs
FPE404500Vacuum filter 0.45µm, 75 mm, PES, 500 ml 12 pcs
FPE204030Syringe filters 0.22µm, PES, sterile (30mm dia, Nylon)45 pcs
FNY402030Syringe filters 0.45µm, PES, sterile (30mm dia, Nylon)45 pcs
662160TC-plate 24 well, sterile with lid100 pcs
665180TC-plate 12 well, sterile with lid100 pcs
188271PP-Tube 15 ml 17.0/120 mm sterile1000 pcs
CSC011025Cell Scraper 25 cm100 pcs
122279Cryo.S, Sterile, 2ml 12,5/48 mm, Blue100 pcs


501981Tweesers #7each
USM-1BCryo marker, dual point MP-1each
RA_CRY-10Cryo-Babies White1000 labels