BioNordikan varastotuotteet Arvon City-Labissa/

BioNordika’s stock products in Arvo City-Lab

Cell culture consumables

188271PP-tube, sterile, 15ml1000
227261PP-tube, sterile 50ml500
639160Tissue Culture dish 145/20mm120
541070Cell scraper, 28cm blue100 pcs
606190Pipette-Shorty 5ml200
607190Pipette-Shorty- 10ml200
760180Pipette with tip, sterile 25ml200
500062Syringe Filter,30mm dia.PES 0.22um.Individually packed, Pack45
500063Syringe Filter,30mm dia. MCE 0.22um. Individually packed45 pcs
uMM-1BCryo marker, dual point MP-1each
uSM-1BCryomarker, alcohol resistant1 pcs

Cell culture solutions and reagents

BE12-167FRPMI 1640, w/o L-glut500ml
BE12-614FDMEM w/ 4.5g/L glucose w/o L-Glut500ml
BE12-707FDMEM w/1,0 g/L glucose w/o L-Glut500ml
BE17-161ETrypsin-Versene (EDTA) Mix (1X)100ml
BE17-512FDPBS 0.0095M(PO4) w/o Ca and Mg500ml
BE17-516FPBS-1X w/o Ca, Mg500ml
BE17-605EL-Glutamine (200mM)100ml
DE17-602EPen/Strep stock, 10K/10K 100 ml
50004SeaKem LE Agarose 500 g

Molecular biology

BE51200AccuGENE Water, MolBio1 L
B7021SGel Loading Dye, Blue (6X)4 ml
M0302LT7 Endonuclease I1250 units
M0491SQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 units