BioNordikan varastotuotteet BioCityn City-Labissa/

BioNordika’s stock products in BioCity City-Lab

Restriction enzymes

R0174SAvr II, recombinant100 units
R0176SDpn I, recombinant 1000 units
R3101SEcoRI-HF® (High Fidelity)10000 units
R3104SHindIII-HF® 10.000 units
R3142SKpnI-HF®4000 units
R3193SNcoI-HF® (High Fidelity) 1000 units
R0111SNde I, recombinant4000 units
R3131SNheI-HF® (High Fidelity)1000 units
R3189SNotI-HF® (High Fidelity)500 units
R3138SSalI-HF® (High Fidelity)2000 units
R3133SSpeI-HF®500 units
R0146SXho I, recombinant 5000 units

Molecular biology products

M0201SPolynucleotide Kinase 500 units
M0202ST4 DNA Ligase 20000 units
M0202LT4 DNA Ligase100000 units
M0491SQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase 100 units
N0467SQuick-Load® 100 bp DNA Ladder125 assays
N0468SQuick-Load® 1 kb DNA Ladder125 assays
N3231SDNA Ladder 100 bp 100 assays
N3232SDNA Ladder 1 kb 200 assays
P7706SBlue Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range (11-190 kDa) -100 assays
P7706LBlue Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range (11-190 kDa) -500 assays
P7712SColor Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range (11–245 kDa)150 assays
S1316SOligo d(T)18 (no 5'-Phosphate) 5 A260 units
B7021SGel Loading Dye, Blue (6X)4 ml

Cell culture reagents

BE12-167FRPMI 1640 w/o L-Glutamine500ml
BE12-614FDMEM w/ 4.5g/L glucose w/o L-Glut500ml
BE17-161ETrypsin-Versene (EDTA) Mix (1X)100ml
BE17-605E/U1UltraGlutamine I Supplement 200 mM (100X) Alanyl-L-glutamine100 ml
BE17-737EHEPES Buffer, 1M stock in normal saline100 ml
BE51200AccuGENE Water, MolBio1 L
BN-50004LE Agaroosi BioNordika500 G
DE17-602EPen/Strep stock, 10K/10K100 ml

Cell culture plastics

126279Cryotubes 2ml, sterile, external thread500
18827115ml tube, sterile1000
22726150ml tube, sterile500
541070Cell scraper, blue 28cm100
616201Microcentrifuge tube 1,5ml with lid4000kpl
65518096-well plate, tissue culture treated, flat-bottom100
66216024-well plate, tissue culture plate with lid100

Other products

501981-1Tweezers 71 pc
FNY402030Syringe Filter,30mm dia,Nylon,0.45um.Individually packed,Pac45
FPE204030Syringe filters 0,22µm, PES, sterile45 pcs
uMM-1BCryo marker, dual point MP-1each
SM-1Cryomarker, alcohol resistant1 pcs