Restriction enzymes

R3101SEcoRI-HF® (High Fidelity)10000 units
R3142SKpnI-HF®4000 units
R3193SNcoI-HF® (High Fidelity) 1000 units
R0111SNde I, recombinant4000 units
R3131SNheI-HF® (High Fidelity)1000 units
R3189SNotI-HF® (High Fidelity)500 units
R3138SSalI-HF® (High Fidelity)2000 units
R3133SSpeI-HF®500 units
R0146SXho I, recombinant 5000 units

Molecular biology products

B7021SGel Loading Dye, Blue (6X)4 ml
M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase 500 units
M0202ST4 DNA Ligase 20000 units
M0202LT4 DNA Ligase100000 units
M0251LT7 RNA Polymerase25 000 units
M0491SQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase 100 units
N0467SQuick-Load® 100 bp DNA Ladder125 assays
N0468SQuick-Load® 1 kb DNA Ladder125 assays
N3231SDNA Ladder 100 bp 100 assays
N3232SDNA Ladder 1 kb 200 assays
P7706LBlue Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range (11-190 kDa) -500 assays
S1316SOligo d(T)18 (no 5'-Phosphate) 5 A260 units
T1010SMonarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit50 preps
T1030SMonarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5ug)50 preps

Cell culture reagents

BE12-167FRPMI 1640 w/o L-Glutamine500ml
BE12-614FDMEM w/ 4.5g/L glucose w/o L-Glut500ml
BE12-709FDMEM 4,5g/L Glu,25mM HEPES,w/oL-Gln500ml
BE17-161ETrypsin-Versene (EDTA) Mix (1X)100ml
BE17-605E/U1UltraGlutamine I Supplement 200 mM (100X) Alanyl-L-glutamine100 ml
BE17-737EHEPES Buffer, 1M stock in normal saline100 ml
BE51200AccuGENE Water, MolBio1 L
BN-50004LE Agaroosi BioNordika500 G
DE17-602EPen/Strep stock, 10K/10K100 ml

Cell culture plastics

126279Cryotubes 2ml, sterile, external thread500
18827115ml tube, sterile1000
22726150ml tube, sterile500
541070Cell scraper, blue 28cm100
616201Microcentrifuge tube 1,5ml with lid4000kpl
65518096-well plate, tissue culture treated, flat-bottom100
66216024-well plate, tissue culture plate with lid100

Other products

501981-1Tweezers 71 pc
FNY402030Syringe Filter,30mm dia,Nylon,0.45um.Individually packed,Pac45
FPE204030Syringe filters 0,22µm, PES, sterile45 pcs
uMM-1BCryo marker, dual point MP-1each
SM-1Cryomarker, alcohol resistant1 pcs