Bio-Radin varastotuotteet Arvon City-Labissa/

Bio-Rad’s stock products in Arvo City-Lab


4561086Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 10 gels/box, 4–15%, 15-well, 15 ul10 pcs
4568126Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Gels, Any kD, 15-well10 pcs
5678125AnykD Criterion TGX Protein Gel, 26 well, 15 ul1 pcs


1704157Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Pack, PVDF midi, 8.5 x 13.5 cm10 pcs
1704159Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Pack, nitrocellulose Midi, 8.5 x 13.5 cm10 pcs


161015630% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 29:1500 ml
161015830% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 37.5:1500ml
1610433Ethidium Bromide Solution, 10 mg/ml10ml
1705061Clarity Western ECL Substrate500ml
5000006Bio-Rad Protein Assay Dye Reagent Concentrate450ml


1620177Immun-Blot PVDF Membrane, 26 cm x 3.3 m rolleach
1645050PowerPac Basic Power Supply, 100-120/220-240 Veach
1653304Mini-PROTEAN Casting Frameeach
1653310Spacer Plates With 0.75 mm Integrated Spacers, for Mini-PROT5 pcs
1653311Spacer Plates With 1.0 mm Integrated Spacers, for Mini-PROTE5 pcs
1653312Spacer Plates With 1.5 mm Integrated Spacers, for Mini-PROTE5 pcs
1653354Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 0.75 mm5 pcs
1653355Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 0.75 mm5 pcs
1653359Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 1.0 mm5 pcs
1653360Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 1.0 mm5 pcs
1653365Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 1.5 mm5 pcs
1653366Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 1.5 mm5 pcs
1658001Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell, 10-well, 1.0 mm thickness, completeeach
1703933Fiber Pads, for Mini Trans-Blot cell, 8 x 11 cm4 pcs
1703965Extra Thick Blot Paper, 7.5 x 10 cm60 pcs
1703966Extra Thick Blot Paper, 7 x 8.4 cm60 pcs
1706404Blotting-Grade Blocker, nonfat dry milk300g
1653308Short Plates, for Mini-PROTEAN cell5 pcs
2239915Prot/Elec Pipet Tips, bulk1000 pcs
1610374Precision Plus Protein Dual Color Standards0,5ml
1650963Cellophane Membrane Backing, 35 x 45 cm50 pcs
1651779GelAir Cellophane Support50 pcs

PCR consumables

HSP9601Hard-Shell 96-Well PCR Plates, clear well, white shell50 pcs
MLL9601Multiplate Low-Profile 96-Well PCR Plates, natural25 pcs
2239441iQ 96-Well PCR Plates25 pcs
TCS0801Domed 8-Cap Strips, for 0.2 ml tubes and plates, natural120 pcs
TCS0803Optical Flat 8-Cap Strips, for 0.2 ml tubes and plates, ultr120 pcs
TLS0801Low-Profile 0.2 ml 8-Tube Strips Without Caps, natural120 pcs
MSB1001Microseal B Adhesive Seals100 pcs
2239444Optical Sealing Tape100 pcs
ECT2000Strip Cap Tooleach
1709799Real-Time PCR Applications Guide


1708891iScript cDNA Synthesis Kit100 rxns
1708897iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit100 rxns
1708882iQ SYBR Green Supermix500 rxns
1725151iTaq Universal SYBR Green One-Step Kit5ml
1725201Eva Green SuperMix 500 x 20 ul rxns


1652086Gene Pulser/MicroPulser Cuvettes, 0.2 cm gap50 pcs
1652089Gene Pulser/MicroPulser Cuvettes, 0.1 cm gap50 pcs
2239955Semimicrovolume Disposable Polystyrene Cuvettes, 1.5 ml100 pcs

Other products

1450011TC10 Counting Slides, dual chamber30 slides
7326204Micro Bio-Spin Chromatography Columns100 pcs
7800811Bio-Scale Mini Nuvia IMAC Cartridgeseach