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Bio-Rad’s stock products in BioCity City-Lab


4561026Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 7.5%, 15-well, 15 ul10 PCE
4561033Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 10%, 10-well, 30 ul10 PCE
4561036Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 10%, 15-well, 15 ul10 PCE
4561083Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 4–15%, 10-well, 30 ul10 PCE
4561084Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 4–15%, 10-well, 50 ul10 PCE
4561093Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 4–20%, 10-well, 30 ul10 PCE
4561094Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels, 4–20%, 10-well, 50 ul10 PCE
4561096Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels,4–20%, 15-well, 15 ul10 PCE
4568096Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Gels, 4-20%, 15-well10 PCE
4568125Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Gels, Any kD, 12-well10 PCE
56710834-15% Criterion TGX Precast Midi Protein Gel, 12+2 well1 PCE
56710844-15% Criterion TGX Precast Midi Protein Gel, 18 well, 30 ul1 PCE
3450124Criterion XT Bis-Tris Gel, 4-12%, 18-well, 30 ul1 PCE


1653354Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 0.75 mm5 PCE
1653355Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 0.75 mm5 PCE
1653359Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 1.0 mm5 PCE
1653360Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 1.0 mm5 PCE
1653365Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 10-well, 1.5 mm5 PCE
1653366Mini-PROTEAN Comb, 15-well, 1.5 mm5 PCE
1658004Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell for Ready Gel Precast Gels1 PCK
1658050Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell Casting Stand Clamps1 PCK
1653305Mini-PROTEAN Casting Stand Gaskets2 PCE
1653308Short Plates, for Mini-PROTEAN cell5 PCE
1653311Spacer Plates With 1.0 mm Integrated Spacers, for Mini-PROTE5 PCE
1653312Spacer Plates With 1.5 mm Integrated Spacers, for Mini-PROTE5 PCE
1653320Gel Releasers, for Mini-PROTEAN 3 cell5 PCE
1653146Sample Loading Guide, 10-well, yellow1 PCE
5000007Protein Standard II1 PCK
1610373Precision Plus Protein All Blue Standards0.5 ML
1610374Precision Plus Protein Dual Color Standards0.5 ML
1610394Precision Plus Protein Dual Color Standards2.5 ML
1610393Precision PLUS Standard PRESTAINED2.5 ML


161014840% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 37.5:1500 ML
161015630% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 29:1500 ML
161015830% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 37.5:1500 ML
1610700Ammonium Persulfate (APS)10 G
16107102-Mercaptoethanol25 ML
161077110x Tris/Glycine5 L
1610786Bio-Safe Coomassie Stain1 L
1610800TEMED5 ML
1610803QC Colloidal Coomassie Stain1 L
1705061Clarity Western ECL Substrate500 ML
5000113Protein Assay Reagent A250 ML
5000115Protein Assay Reagent S5 ML


1704156Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Pack, PVDF, 7 x 8.5 cm10 PCE
1704157Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Pack, PVDF, 8.5 x 13.5 cm10 PCE
1704159Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Pack, nitrocellulose, 8.4 x 13.5 c10 PCE
1703932Thick Blot Paper, 7.5 x 10 cm50 PCE
1703933Fiber Pads, for Mini Trans-Blot cell, 8 x 11 cm, 44 PCE
1703965Extra Thick Blot Paper, 7.5 x 10 cm60 PCE
1703998Trans-Blot Plus Roller, 6 inch wide1 PCE
1706404Blotting-Grade Blocker, nonfat dry milk300 G
1620260Low-Fluorescence PVDF/Filter Paper Sandwich, 7 x 8.4 cm10 PCE

PCR consumables

HSP9601Hard-Shell 96-Well PCR Plates, clear well, white shell50 PCE
MLP9601Multiplate 96-Well PCR Plates, natural25 PCE
TCS0803Optical Flat 8-Cap Strips, for 0.2 ml tubes and plates120 PCE
TLS0801Low-Profile 0.2 ml 8-Tube Strips Without Caps, natural120 PCE
2239441iQ 96-Well PCR Plates25 PCE
1708891iScript cDNA Synthesis Kit1 PCK
1725120iTaq Universal SYBR Green Supermix2 ML

Other products

1450011TC10 Counting Slides, dual chamber30 slides
1450021TC10 Trypan blue dye, 5 x 1.5ml1 PCK
2239915Prot/Elec Pipet Tips, bulk1000 PCE
1651779GelAir Cellophane Support50 PCE
1652086Gene Pulser/MicroPulser Cuvettes, 0.2 cm gap50 PCE
1652089Gene Pulser/MicroPulser Cuvettes, 0.1 cm gap50 PCE
2239955Semimicrovolume Disposable Polystyrene Cuvettes, 1.5 ml100 PCE
7326204Micro Bio-Spin Chromatography Columns, empty100 PCE