Biotopin varastotuotteet Arvon City-Labissa

PCR plastics

4ti-0500Adhesive PCR plate seals100 sheets
4ti-0502Roller for adhesive sealseach
4ti-0503Adhesive Seal Applicatoreach
4ti-0510General adhesive plate seals100 sheets
4ti-0517/STAir-O-seal, Hydrophobic Gas Permeable Adhesive Seal - STERIL100 sheets
4ti-0560QPCR adhesive clear plate seals100 sheets
4Ti-075096well PCR plate black grid ref.50 plates
4ti-0751300 strips of 8 flat optical caps (2.5 x pk size AB-0866)300 strips
4ti-0755CrystalStrip™, crystal clear strips of 8 flat optical caps300 pcs
4ti-0785/BFrameStrip 8 clear tubes, blue frame with domed caps120 pcs
4ti-0786/BFrameStrip 8 clear tubes, blue frames with flat optical caps120 pcs
4ti-0900/CFrameStar 96, semi skirted PCR Plate (cut corner bottom left50 plates
FG-016FC0.2ml 8strip tubes + flat caps120 pcs
FG-021FPCR Tubes 0.2 ml with flat caps (1000)1000pcs
FG-088WF0.2ml 8strip tubes with Flat cap, 120 strips120 pcs


740410.10NucleoBond Xtra Midi (10)10 preps
740609.50NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-up (50)50 preps
740609.250NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-up (250)250 preps
740955.50NucleoSpin RNA (50)50 preps
740506Proteinase K (100 mg)100mg
740736.5MN Reaction Tube Rack, 5P5 pcs
740413NucleoBond Smart Rackeach

Molecular biology products

09-9400-100Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) pH 7.41000ml
AG02500g Agarose500g
BIO-41025Agarose, Molecular Grade500g
BIO-65053SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit50 rxns
MG06Midori Green Direct1 ml

Stickers and other consumables

PG-LT-24/OKeskikok. Tarra 24 x 12,5 mm/ O1000pcs
PG-LT-24/WKeskikok. Tarra 24 x 12,5 mm/ W1000 pcs
PG-LT-325/BSuuri tarra 32,5 x 12,5 mm / B1000 pcs
PG-LT-325/WSuuri tarra 32,5 x 12,5 mm / W1000 pcs
PG-LT-95/BSpot halkaisija 9.5/B2000 pcs
PG-LT-95/GSpot halkaisija 9.5/G2000 pcs
PG-LT-95/OSpot halkaisija 9.5/O2000 pcs
PG-LT-95/RSpot halkaisija 9.5/R2000 pcs
PG-LT-95/WSpot halkaisija 9.5/W2000 pcs
PG-LT-95/YSpot halkaisija 9.5/Y2000 pcs
BCS-206MCHinged CryoBox, 81-place, multi 5pk5pk
BCS-206PHinged CryoBox, 81-place, purple 5pk5pk
BCS-206PKHinged CryoBox, 81-place, pink 5pk5pk
BCS-136CoolCell, purpleeach
BCS-405OCoolCell LX, orangeeach
BCS-405PKCoolCell LX, pinkeach
NG002PMini centrifuge, pink lideach
NG002RMini centrifuge, red lideach