Test the new GrowDex hydrogels and PhenoVue Dyes with -50% discount!

Now you have a great opportunity to test PerkinElmer’s new UPM GrowDex hydrogels and PhenoVue dyes for your cellular imaging applications with a 50% discount. Read more about the great features of the GrowDex (f.ex storage in room temp!) here and about the PhenoView reagents here. Campaign information can be found here.
Remember also PerkinElmer’s imaging plates. Ask more and order from City-Lab!

Campaign is valid until 31st of May with campaign code GROW2022 for one order.

Read more about the GrowDex Hydrogels here!


New Western Lightning ONE reagents with a test discount!

PerkinElmer has launched new amazing and easy-to-use HRP reagents that need no pipetting or mixing. They are super sensitive and stable at room temp for one year. Now you can test them with a 50 % discount (smallest package). Read more about the reagents here.


Do you use ELISA kits in your research? Read more about the new ELISA kits by CisBio that are based on hTRF-technology here!

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