Immuno Diagnostic

Immuno Diagnostic represents leading suppliers in the fields of life science research, imaging, histopathology, and molecular diagnostics. Being present in the Nordic markets since 1983, they can provide customers with a range of high-quality products and excellent customer and technical service.

CellCover -25%

Take advantage of this winter offer and stabilize your cells and tissues with Anacyte’s non-toxic and ready to use solution with no freezing required. CellCover is the only reagent that allows parallel storage of proteins, RNA, and DNA in their cellular context, maintaining cellular shape integrity without chemical crosslinking.

Prices valid until the end of March 2022.


ECM Antibody sampler kits -30%

Find the best antibodies for your research with a sampler kit! The Kits include Antibody Sampler Kits and Immunocytochemistry Kits with half-size units of each antibody at a reduced price to facilitate testing of several antibodies useful for your research. See the list here.

Prices valid until the end of March 2022.


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