Fisher Scientificin varastotuotteet Biomedicumin City-Labissa/

Fisher Scientific’s stock products in Biomedicum City-Lab


10111380FD1484FastDigest, AccI (XmiI) 50 rxn
10860241FD1464FastDigest, AgeI (BshTI)20 rxn
10450280FD1414FastDigest, ApaI 300 rxn
10374430FD0044FastDigest, ApaLI (Alw44I)200 rxn
10859560FD1564FastDigest, AvrII (XmaJI)20 rxn
10354330FD0084FastDigest, BglII 200 rxn
10879360FD0143FastDigest, ClaI (Bsu15I)50 rxn
10819410FD1704FastDigest, DpnI 100 rxn
10840231FD0224FastDigest, DraI 200 rxn
10374340FD0274FastDigest ECORI800ul
10669520FD0304FastDigest, EcoRV (Eco32I)400ul
10101380FD0504FastDigest, HindIII 800 rxn
10262440FD1034FastDigest, HpaI (KspAI)50ul
10344680FD0754FastDigest, MfeI (MunI)50 rxn
10560841FD0574FastDigest, NcoI 100 rxn
10171140FD0974FastDigest, NheI 100 rxn
10397799FD0594FastDigest, NotI 50 rxn
10232590FD0596FastDigest, NotI 250 rxn
10715271FD2204FastDigest PacI25ul
10800421FD0614FastDigest, PstI 800 rxn
10662001FD0624FastDigest, PvuI 20 rxn
10202450FD0634FastDigest, PvuII 400 rxn
10324720FD1133FastDigest, SacI 100 rxn
10314630FD0644FastDigest, SalI 200 rxn
10539900FD0434FastDigest, ScaI 100 rxn
10324630FD0664FastDigest, SmaI 200 rxn
10714301FD0604FastDigest, SphI (PaeI) 20 rxn
10151320FD0684FastDigest, XbaI 300 rxn
10880041FD0694FastDigest, XhoI 400 rxn
10600291ER0041Alw44I (ApaLI) 1000 units
10589310ER1251BcuI (SpeI) 400 units
10598560ER0171Cfr9I (XmaI) 300 units
10140690ER1705DpnI 1000 units
10773911ER0505HindIII 10000 units
10328759ER0521KpnI 4000 units
10640081ER0592NotI 1500 units
10880591ER0685XbaI 3000 units
10706031ER1481XmiI 400 units

Markers and dNTPs

10588170SM0241Generuler 100bp50ug
11823963SM0311Generuler 1kb5x50ug
10328179SM0243Generuler 100bp Ready-to-use50ug
11571595SM0313Generuler 1kb Ready-to-use5x100 appl.
11531605SM0333Generuler Mix Ready-to-use5x50ug
10756221SM1153O'generuler 100bp Plus50ug
11511635SM1343O'generuler 1kB plus5 x 50ug
10394810SM0633O'rangeruler 200bp25ug
1181212426616PageRuler Prest Protein Ladder2x250ul
10319879R0192dNTP Mix, 10mM each1ml
11541575R0611X5 DNA Loading Dye1ml

Modifying enzymes and reagents

10024537F530SPhusion DNA Polymerase100 units
10287787F530LPhusion DNA Polymerase500 units
10160790EP0702DreamTaq DNA Polymerase (5u/ul)500 units
10776411EP0712DreamTaq Green DNA Polymerase (5u/ul)500 units
10441338F549SPhusion Hot Start II DNA Polymerase100 units
13585160F534LPhusion Green HF DNA polymerase500 units
10185667F122SPhire Hot Start II DNA Polymerase200 rxns
10247467F122LPhire Hot Start II DNA Polymerase1000 rxns
10151000EF0651FastAP Thermosens. Alkal. Phosphatase 1u/uL1000 units
10120670EK0031T4 Polynucleotide Kinase (10u/ul)500 rxns
10680281EP0061T4 DNA Polymerase(5u/ul)100 rxns
10130800EP0051Klenow Fragment(10u/ul)300 units
12723792K1422Rapid DNA Ligation Kit50 rxns
10339509EL0014T4 DNA Ligase(5u/µl)200 units
10181030EO0491Proteinase K (20mg/ml)1ml
11501515EO0492Proteinase K (20mg/ml)5 x 1ml
10788298F410LDYNAMO HS SYBR green QPCR kit 200 rxns
10206079F410XLDYNAMO HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit FP=w ROX2500 rxns
10379167F415LDYNAMO Flash SYBR GREEN QPCR KIT FP=w ROX, 200/500500 rxns
10334500K1642Maxima, First Strand cDNA Synth. Kit200 rxns
10649890EN0521DNase I,RNase-free (1u/ul)1000 units
10869200EP0742Maxima, Reverse Transcriptase (200u/ul)10 000 units
11813933K1081DreamTaq Green PCR Master Mix4 x 1,25ml
10548930EN0581Exonuclease I (Exo I) (20u/ul)4000 units
15390929A25777PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix2500 rxns

Chemicals and solutions

10080160G/P460/53Glycine, buffer component for electrophoresi500g
114300860230012701Isopropyl alcohol1lt
10264673BP1750I-100Phenol, Saturated (pH 6.6/7.9, Liquid),100ml
10577372424290010Sodium chloride, 99+%, ACS reagent1kg
11498043BP358-1Sodium Chloride1kg
10634932S/8600/60Sucrose, Certified AR for analysis, meets anal1kg
11423623BP152-500Tris base, DNase RNase protease free, electr500g
10113103BP337-100Tween* 20100ml
10308449RPN2232ECL Prime Western Blotting Det50ml+50ml
1177853817-1440-03Ficoll paque Plus6 x 500ml
106664217002RNASE AWAY spray475ml
102234717010DNA AWAY Surface Decontaminant250ml
1060849424590GelCode Blue Stain Reagent500ml
1184671417896Ethidium Bromide Solution5ml
11309903SO20041000Buffer Solution pH 4, Red Colored1lt
11379903SO20071000Buffer Solution pH 7, Yellow-Colored1lt
11389913SO20101000Buffer Solution pH 10, Blue Colored1lt
15655458FF171 500 MLPuskuriliuos PH 7,00 20C (A)500ml
15675458FF177 500 MLPuskuriliuos PH 9,00 20C (A)500ml


10738581153066Cell culture dish 35mm500 pcs
10111351150288Cell culture dish 60mm400 pcs
10508921150350Cell culture dish 100mm150 pcs
10098720168381Cell culture dish 150mm80 pcs
1009887015062812-well plate for cell culture75 pcs
1064490115068748-well plate for cell culture75 pcs
1021281116700896-well plate for cell culture50 pcs
12034917156367Cell culture flasks 25cm2, EasyFilter (TC-treated)200 pcs
10364131156499Cell culture flasks 75cm2, EasyFilter (TC-treated)100 pcs
10246131159910Cell culture flasks 175cm2, EasyFilter (TC-treated)30 pcs
10476921169900Cell culture flasks 25cm2, non-treated200 pcs
10444112159926Cell culture flasks 175cm2, non-treated30 pcs
10098850177445Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System 8-well16 pcs
11351904MCT-150-CAxygen 1.5ml tube, clear500 pcs
11321914MCT-150-XAxygen 1.5ml tube, amber500 pcs
11508232FB74023Microsentrifuge tubes 0,5ml, clear1000 pcs
11558232FB74031Microsentrifuge tubes 1ml, clear1000 pcs
11558252FB74111Microsentrifuge tubes 2ml, clear1000 pcs
115355343434Snap cap low retention microsentrifuge tubes, 2ml500 pcs
1139720133965015ml conical tubes, Nunc500 pcs
103602915972-0430Unwire 3x3 rack for 50ml tubes, greeneach
113957145970-0316Unwire 6x12 rack for 15ml tubes, blueeach
1066751489893Zeba Desalt Spin Columns 7K MVCO5 pcs
1028058489892Zeba Desalt Spin Columns, 5 ml25 pcs
1159252187775Zeba Spin Desalting Plates 96-well 40K MWCO4 pcs
1069867489808Zeba 96-Well Desalting Plate4 pcs
15437270450124Electroporation Chambers-Cuvettes Plus, volume 90ul50 pcs
1031145489879Pierce Micro/Spin Columns50 pcs
10100843AB0600Thermo-Fast PCR 96 tube plate25 pcs
10666534AB0800LThermoFast 96-well full skirted plate25 pcs
10352200PCR-96-LC480-W96 Well PCR Microplate for Roche 480 Light50 pcs
15101539170360Shortie pipette 5ml200 pcs
15191529170361Shortie pipette 10 ml200 pcs
12637486BC1384W384-well PCR plate white50 pcs
134158683744-WP1DMatrix 500ul ScrewTop Tubes480 pcs
1269311697003500KingFisher Duo 12 tip comb50 pcs

Pipette tips

105665942140-HRART 10 reach, hinged rack10x96
107773852065-HRART 100 hinged rack10x96
107466252065E-HRART 100E hinged rack10x96
104313752069-HRART 200 hinged rack10x96
105649142179-HRART 1000XL hinged rack8x96
151136362079-HRART 1000XL reach, hinged rack8x96
11913466TF102-10-FISSureOne Filter 0,1-10ul10x96
11953466TF113-100-FISSureOne Filter Tip 10-100µl10x96
1321624994410210ClipTip 20, Nonsterile, Racked10x96
1320625994410310ClipTip 200, Nonsterile, Racked10x96
1324625994410510ClipTip 300, Nonsterile, Racked10x96
1329625994410710ClipTip 1000, Nonsterile, Racked8x96
1327626994420213ClipTip 20, Filtered, Sterile, Racked10x96
1320627994420318ClipTip 200, Filtered, Sterile, Reload Stack10x96
1329626994420513ClipTip 300, Filtered, Sterile, Racked10x96
1322627994420713ClipTip 1000, Filtered, Sterile, Racked8x96
1525629394420103ClipTip-384 30µl, Filtered, Sterile, Racked10x384

Molecular biology products

1531358121-040-CVRPBS 1X w/o Ca Mg6x500ml
1531625746-013-CMPBS 10X w/o Ca Mg1000 ml
1539357121-030-CVRDPBS 1X w Ca Mg6x500ml
1532358125-000-CIRNaPy solution w 8.5 g/L NaCI6x100ml
1535358125-035-CINaBic 7.5% solution6x100ml
1538624725-025-CIRMEM Nonessential Amino Acid Solution6x100ml
1539363125-005-CIL-glut 200 mM solution6x100ml
1531364125-015-CIglutaGRO supplement, 200mM100 ml
15672129A32955Pierce Protease Inhibitor Mini Tablets,30 tablets
15691759A32957Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets20 tablets
1562614434580SuperSignal West Pico PLUS Chemiluminescent substrate500ml
1067848423227BCA Protein Assay Kit500 ml
10242490K0503GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit250 preps
11551645K0491GeneJet Plasmid Maxi10 preps
11531645K0481PGeneJet Plasmid Midi25 preps
1064778428-4110-07HiTrap HIC Selection Kit, 7x1mLeach


155835063000001289Semperguard Latex powderfree XS100 pcs
155935063000001290Semperguard Latex powderfree S100 pcs
155035163000001291Semperguard Latex powderfree M100 pcs
155135163000001292Semperguard Latex powderfree L100 pcs
155935263000001627Semperguard Nitrile S100 pcs
155035363000001628Semperguard Nitrile M100 pcs
155135363000001629Semperguard Nitrile L100 pcs
1524937393833090MICROFLEX nitrile 93-833 (Xceed) 8.5-9 L250 pcs
1525937393833080MICROFLEX nitrile 93-833 (Xceed) 7.5-8 M250 pcs
1526937393833070MICROFLEX nitrile 93-833 (Xceed) 6.5-7 S250 pcs
1528937393833060MICROFLEX nitrile 93-833 (Xceed) 5.5-6 XS250 pcs
123921793000001444Semperguard Vinyl S100 pcs
123021893000001445Semperguard Vinyl M100 pcs
123121893000001446Semperguard Vinyl L100 pcs

Other consumables

1064275192110.204231pH paper 0-14100 pcs
1027175192125.204231pH paper 7-14100 pcs
1139930410462200Whatman 30mm syringe filter, 0,22um cellulose acetate50 pcs
1036305110462100Whatman 30mm syringe filter, 0,45um cellulose acetate50 pcs
106262939521Thermo Pipettor S1 blueeach
11546963M4150NO250FS4Pasteur pipet 150mm, unplugged1000 pcs
11765098M4230NW250FS4Pasteur pipet 230mm, cotton plugged1000 pcs
11588525NDWIPENanodrop Cleaning Wipe100 pcs
11550187P-150HThermal Paper (K65HM)4 rolls
12114682AAAA000001##12E00MNZ10MH#Frosted Microscope slides 76x26mm50 pcs
10756991AAAA000001##02E00MNZ10MH#Microscope slides 76x26mm50 pcs
12363138MCS02222Square cover slip 22x22mm, thickness 1,5200 pcs
117983430501Scalpell nro 1010 pcs
121918303053835Microtom blade MX35 ultra low profile50 pcs
15434701900383Hypodermic needle 0,45x12mm 26G100 pcs
123704890162ABAutoclave indicator taperoll
117758635012Timer 4-channelseach
104609616301-3000Laboratory notebook, green with grideach
113995446301-4000Laboratory notebook, red with horizontal lineseach
115509871090003E-Centrifuge, 100-240V for 1.5-2.0ml tubeseach
102925815115-0012Benchtop Cooler for 0,2-0,5ml tubeseach
15547335SI-0256Vortex-Genie 2 Vortex Mixer, 230Veach