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Fisher Scientific’s stock products in City-Lab, Biocenter 1

Restriction enzymes

ER125110589310BcuI (SpeI)400 U
ER170510140690DpnI1 000 U
ER029110548920Eco31I (BsaI)1 000 U
ER050510773911HindIII10 000 U
ER068510880591XbaI3 000 U
ER156110470090XmaJI200 U
FD141410450280FastDigest, ApaI300 U
FD005410334480FastDigest, BamHI800 U
FD125310611431FastDigest, BcuI (SpeI)20 U
FD008410354330FastDigest, BglII200 U
FD146410860241FastDigest, BshTI (AgeI)20 U
FD027410374340FastDigest, EcoRI800 U
FD042410786611FastDigest, Eco147I (StuI)100 U
FD050410101380FastDigest, HindIII800 U
FD052410349339FastDigest, KpnI300 U
FD057410560841FastDigest, NcoI100 U
FD059410397799FastDigest, NotI50 U
FD060410714301FastDigest, PaeI (SphI)20 U
FD113410889180FastDigest, SacI200 U
FD064410314630FastDigest, SalI200 U
FD043410539900FastDigest, ScaI100 U
FD189410559690FastDigest, SgsI (AscI)100 U
FD068410151320FastDigest, XbaI300 U

Modification enzymes and polymerases

F530S10024537Phusion DNA Polymerase100 U
F530L10287787Phusion DNA Polymerase500 U
F549S10441338Phusion Hot Start II DNA Polymerase100 U
EP040210733941Taq DNA Polymerase500 U
EP070210160790DreamTaq DNA Polymerase500 U
EP071210776411DreamTaq Green DNA Polymerase500 U
F122S10185667Phire Hot Start II DNA Polymerase200 U
EK003110120670T4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 U
EK003210531061T4 Polynucleotide Kinase2 500 U
EL001410339509T4 DNA Ligase200 U
EL001310548730T4 DNA Ligase5 000 U

Size markers and molecular biology reagents

SM037110794291GeneRuler 50 bp50 µg
SM024110588170GeneRuler 100 bp50 µg
SM024310328179GeneRuler 100 bp, ready-to-use50 µg
SM031111823963GeneRuler, 1 kb5 x 50 µg
SM031311571595GeneRuler, 1 kb, ready-to-use5 x 50 µg
SM033311531605GeneRuler Mix, ready-to-use5 x 50 µg
2661411802124PageRuler Unstained Protein Ladder2 x 250 µl
2661911832124PageRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder2 x 250 µl
EO049110181030Proteinase K1 ml
EO049211501515Proteinase K5 x 1 ml
EN053110753721RNase A, DNase & protease free10 mg
EO038110859710RiboLock RNase Inhibitor2 500 U
R019110610851dNTP Mix, 10mM each0,2 ml
R061111541575DNA Loading Dye, 6X5 x 1 ml
1789611846714Ethidium Bromide Solution5 ml
2322710678484BCA Protein Assay Kit500 ml
3210610005943ECL Western Blotting Substrate (Pierce)500 ml
RPN223210308449ECL Prime Western Blotting Detection Reagent (Amersham)1 kit
A3295315614189Protease Inhibitor Mini Tablets (Pierce)30 tbl
K050310242490GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit250 preps
K069110765651GeneJET Gel Extraction Kit50 preps
K070110400450GeneJET PCR Purification Kit50 preps
K072110304400GeneJET Genomic DNA Purification Kit50 preps
K073110558360GeneJET RNA Purification Kit50 preps

Chemicals and solutions

700210666421RNase Away Spray475 ml
701010223471DNA Away Surface Decontaminant250 ml
FF16415635458Buffer solution, pH 4,00500 ml
FF17115655458Buffer solution, pH 7,00500 ml
FF17715675458Buffer solution, pH 9,00500 ml

Plastic consumables

206510292761ART Barrier Pipette Tips, 100 µl10 x 96 pcs
206910029040ART Barrier Pipette Tips, 200 µl10 x 96 pcs
214010078950ART Barrier Pipette Tips, 10 µl REACH10 x 96 pcs
227910045460ART Barrier Pipette Tips, 1000 µl8 x 100 pcs
9405220011772584Finntip Filter Pipette Tips, 100 µl10 x 96 pcs
15991010246131Cell Culture Flask, 175 cm ² , filter cap30 pcs
177445100988508-well Chamber Slide with removable wells16 pcs
1670081021281196-well Cell Culture Microplate, sterile50 pcs
FB7403111558232Microcentrifuge tube, 1,5 ml, non-sterile, bulk bag1 000 pcs
343411535534Microcentrifuge tube, 2,0 ml, low-retention, non-sterile500 pcs
343911545534Microcentrifuge tube, 0,6 ml, sterile1 000 pcs
MCT-060-C11371944Microcentrifuge tube, 0,6 ml, non-sterile (Axygen)500 pcs
MCT-150-C11351904Microcentrifuge tube, 1,5 ml, non-sterile (Axygen)500 pcs
HS4323K15386548Microcentrifuge tube, 1,5 ml, black, non-sterile500 pcs

Disposable gloves

300000129015593506Latex gloves, powder-free, small100 pcs
300000129115503516Latex gloves, powder-free, medium100 pcs
300000129215513516Latex gloves, powder-free, large100 pcs
300000144412392179Vinyl gloves, powder-free, small100 pcs
300000144512302189Vinyl gloves, powder-free, medium100 pcs
300000144612312189Vinyl gloves, powder-free, large100 pcs
300000144712201338Vinyl gloves, powder-free, x-large90 pcs
9383306015289373Nitrile gloves, powder-free, 5.5-6250 pcs
9383307015269373Nitrile gloves, powder-free, 6.5-7250 pcs
9383308015259373Nitrile gloves, powder-free, 7.5-8250 pcs
9383309015249373Nitrile gloves, powder-free, 8.5-9250 pcs
19041171B15632367Comfort nitrile gloves, size S200 pcs
19041171C15642367Comfort nitrile gloves, size M200 pcs
19041171D15652367Comfort nitrile gloves, size L200 pcs

Other products

1060002315259894Blotting membrane, 0,45 µm, PVDF, 30 cm x 4 m1 roll
92110.20423110642751pH indicator paper sticks, pH 0-14100 pcs
92125.20423110271751pH indicator paper sticks, pH 7-14100 pcs
0162AB12370489Autoclave indicator tape, lead-free1 roll
501211775863Traceable 4-channel timer1 pcs
5972-051610251861Test tube half-rack, 6x6, 16 mm, red1 pcs
5970-031610098210Test tube rack, 6x12, 16 mm, blue1 pcs