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Luentosali 2 klo 11.00 – 11.45
Aihe: 3D Models: Developing Better Techniques for Culture and Analysis
Luennoitsija: Sofia Holback, PhD.
Tiivistelmä: 3D cellular models like organoids and spheroids offer an opportunity to better understand complex biology in a physiologically relevant context where 2D models have not proven as successful. In this introductory talk we will discuss case studies exemplifying how 3D cell culture models have the potential to help generate better data reflective of the in vivo situation. We will go over existing tools, tips, scale up, validated protocols, educational resources as well the challenges and options to improve the analysis of spheroids and organoids.

Luentosali 2 klo 14.00 – 14.45 
Aihe: New solutions for Biomarker profiling Procartaplex and Quantigene
Luennoitsija: Juan Hidalgo de Quintana, PhD
-Introduction to Luminex XMap technology
-Multiplexing protein profiling increase sensitivity and speed
-Multiplexing RNA like never you imagined
Tiivistelmä: Invitrogen ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays make use of Luminex xMAP (multianalyte profiling) technology to enable the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 80 protein or RNA targets in a single 25–50 µL sample of plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants, and other bodily fluids.