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Labnet’s stock products in Cultivator City-Lab

Cell culture plastics

4487Serological pipette 5ml (paper-plastic)200 pcs
4488Serological pipette 10ml (paper-plastic)200 pcs
4489Serological pipette 25ml (paper-plastic)200 pcs
352350Falcon 70µm Cell Strainer, White, Sterile50 pcs

PCR plastics

PCR-96-FLT-C96 Well Clear, PCR Microplate25 pcs
PCR-0208-CP-C0.2ml Thin Wall Clear PCR Strip Tubes and Clear Strip Caps, DIMED125 pcs
PCR-TSPCR Sealing Film, Polypropylene, 60 µm, Clear, 100 pcs

Tubes and dispencing

0030108051DNA LoBind tubes, 1,5ml, PCR clean250 psc
0030120086Safe-Lock micro test tubes, 1.5 ml, colourless1000 pcs
0030120094Safe-Lock micro test tubes, 2 ml, colourless1000 pcs
0030119401Safe-Lock micro test tubes, 5 ml, colourless200 pcs
43079115ml tube, conical bottom500 pcs
43082950ml tube, conical bottom500 pcs
7095B-5X7095B 5-3/4 PASTEUR PIPET1000 pcs
0030089448Combitips advanced 2,5 mL (green)100 pcs
0030089456Combitips advanced 5,0 mL (blue)100 pcs
0030089464Combitips advanced 10,0 mL (orange)100 pcs
0030089715Adapter for combitips advanced 25 mL, red1 pcs

Rack and storage

LW5220Combirack cleareach
LW5220ASCombirack assortedeach
LW5840AS4-way Combirack Assorted5pcs
KEA45-VJ16NOEPPi Box 45 / 4x4 divider, neon-orange10 pcs
KEA45-VJ16NPEppi Box 45 / 4x4 divider, neon pink10 pcs
KEB50-C81NBEPPi Box 50 / 9x9 divid10 pcs
KEB50-C81NOEppi Box 50 / 9x9 divid ,orange10 pcs
KEB50-C81YEEPPi Box 50 / 9x9 divider, yellow10 pcs
6081879LLG-Cryobox Grid divider 9x9 10 pcs
6082701LLG-cryobox 133 X 133 X 50 mm10 pcs
95.064.981Sarstedt Storage Box for 81 Micro tubes10 pcs

Molecular biology products

C1101Oligo(dT)15 Primer20ug
C1181Random Primers20ug
E1910Dual-Luciferase Reporter Assay System100 assays
E2311FuGENE HD Transfection Reagent1ml
E2691FuGENE 6 Transfection Reagent1ml
M7822GoTaq G2 Green Master Mix100 rx
P2075T7 RNA Polymerase1000 units
M6101RQ1 RNase-Free DNase1000 units
A1360pGEM-T Easy Vector System I20 rxns
N2511Recombinant RNasin Ribonuclease Inhibitor2500 units
V3951IPTG, Dioxane free5 g
V3151DTT, Molecular Grade (Dry Powder)5 g
V3155DTT, Molecular Grade (Dry Powder)25 g
R6061SacI1000 units
S3771BCIP/NBT Color Development Substrate2x1,25 ml
water-25PCR Grade Water25 ml
water-100PCR Grade Water100 ml
04807423TRITON X-100100 ml

Other products

9006371Gloves, ERGO, nitrile, size S10x200pcs
9006372Gloves, ERGO, nitrile, size M10x200pcs
9006373Gloves, ERGO, nitrile, size L10x200pcs
9006374Gloves, ERGO, nitrile, size XL10x180pcs
PM996PARAFILM® Sealing film38x100mm
sc-224488UltraCruz Lab Tape, Blue4 rolls
sc-224489UltraCruz Lab Tape, White4 rolls
sc-224490UltraCruz Lab Tape, Green4 rolls
sc-224491UltraCruz Lab Tape, yellow4 rolls
sc-224493UltraCruz Lab Tape, Orange4 rolls
16532-KMinisart, Syringe Filter 28 mm, PES, 0.250 pcs
16537-KMinisart, Syringe Filter 28 mm, PES 0.4550 pcs
16534-KMinisart Syringe Filter 28 mm, CA, 0.2 50 pcs
4099Stripettor Ultraeach
6263510LLG-uniCFUGE 2, with universal rotoreach
0003810000IKA heating magnetic stirrereach
6291217LLG-Timer "The Cube"each
LCC5100Cryo Cooler Mr. Frostyeach
LCCM96PCRIsotherm Mini Cooler -20C,12x8 places, yelloweach
LCCM51150012IsoThermo Minicooler -20each
0030106300Uvette cuvette, UV80 PCS