Can my Western blot be perfect?


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In the perfect world your western blot works perfect every time. However, in the reality you know obtaining a perfect Western Blot require attention and optimization of all the steps from sample preparation, separation, transfer, detection and imaging analysis. Optimization may not be your favorite task since it is often time consuming. At Bio-Rad we like to support and guide you through this process by providing our expertise and product solutions that takes you to “the perfect Western Blot” quicker and with less effort.

With Bio-Rad Stain-Free Western Blot Workflow you will be able to verify your separation and transfer through the process to avoid wasting valuable time and reagents on a blot where the transfer failed. Stain-Free technology adds speed and enables quality assessment at each step of a western blotting experiment — from running gels to quantitating proteins.

Bio-Rad’s Stain-Free western blotting provides practical, convenient, and reliable way to perform total protein normalization (TPN). Which enables total protein in loaded sample to be measured, eliminates immune-blotting interference associated with HKP and accounts for variations during loading, electrophoresis, and transfer.

Why is Stain-Free Total Protein Normalization a Superior Method?​

The use of traditional total protein stains can hinder downstream visualization of a western blot, usually requiring repetitive staining and destaining steps which is one of the obstacles preventing wider adaptation of TPN. The unique characteristics of Stain-Free technology makes imaging of total protein a much better method for quantitative western blotting:

Stain-Free total protein blot image

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