This page features on-going Bio-Rad campaigns.

Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell for free

…when you order five boxes of Mini-Protean TGX or TGX Stain-Free gels.

  • 1658005 Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell for two precast minigels (includes electrode assembly, tank, lid with power cables, mini cell buffer dam)

Valid until 30.6.2024. Ask us for more info!


Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System

Visit City-Lab to learn about this special offer. Order instrument 1704150 (2398 eur), choose one of the following:

  • Instrument + 1000 eur of Western blot reagents, price 2 440 eur
  • Instrument + 1500 eur of Western blot reagents, price 2 700 eur
  • Instrument + 2000 eur of Western blot reagents, price 2 960 eur

Prices do not include VAT. Valid until 30.6.2024.


Bio-Rad Plants a tree for every order

Until end of 2024 Bio-Rad will plant a tree for each order via World Land Trust. Read more.

Give promo code “TREE” when you place your order in City-Lab.


Save money year round 

Most Bio-Rad products have special City-Lab prices – ask us for more info!


Tenders and quotes from Bio-Rad are also valid for orders made via City-Lab – please give quote number when ordering.


If you have any questions about the campaign products, please contact us via the form below (or via email or by visiting us).

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