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Our story

City-Lab’s mission is to make scientists’ lives easier and take care of time-consuming routines for them. ­The story of City-Lab began in 1993 when Päivi Kemppainen answered the wish of many researchers by establishing a bioshop in BioCity, Turku. The idea was to set up an order service for local companies and keep a stock of laboratory products. You can now find City-Lab almost in all Finnish campuses with a university that teaches biosciences.

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City-Lab is established in BioCity, Turku.
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Our services

City-Lab is

1 | Human-oriented
We have wanted to make City-Lab a positive place to visit. ­We cherish our long-term customers and it is important to us that we operate in brick and mortar stores close to where they work: you can pop by in the middle of the day, we always have time to help you.
2 | Finnish
City-Lab is a Finnish family business. We have worked locally in our brick and mortar stores for almost 30 years. We now also provide agile services online, but we still want to keep you, our customer, the top priority at the heart of what we do.
3 | Comprehensive
We are not an importer, but we collaborate with some of the leading importers in the field. You do not have to order one instrument from one place and another from somewhere else, but you can order everything through us in one go. ­We find the products that suit your needs, deal with the requests for quotations and orders and store the products for you – we take care of the whole process.
4 | Impartial
Since we do not represent just one manufacturer, we can remain impartial as we source the best instruments and equipment for your needs from the selections of our 12 suppliers. City-Lab’s services are free of charge to customers. We do not charge you for invoicing or delivery either if you pick up the products from one of our shops.
5 | Efficient
Why spend time searching for, comparing and inviting tenders for products when you could spend your time on more important things – actual research. We take care of sourcing, ordering and storing all the instruments and equipment that are important for your research so that you can focus on doing science.

Greetings from City-Lab

Service is close to our heart

In the last days of 2013, I became the CEO of City-Lab. The company has been a part of my life already for 14 years: I first visited the City-Lab in Biomedicum as a researcher. I obtained my PhD in 2006 from the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Helsinki, after which I worked as a Product Manager at the then-partner of City-Lab, Finnzymes Ltd, and later at Fisher Scientific Ltd.

City-Lab’s business idea has not changed from the original, although we naturally want to adapt to the changing world around us and keep up with the development. We have opened new shops in recent years: at Aapistie in Oulu in spring 2015 and at Snellmania in Kuopio in November 2016. You can now find us in all the campuses of Finnish universities where biosciences are taught. We already collaborate with 13 businesses. All our shops continue to strive to provide professionals in the biosciences with individual, all-inclusive service.

Thank you for joining us in supporting skilled Finnish service!

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