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We work together with high quality distributors and manufacturers. You should find all the brands available through us from the list below. However, since our collaborators constantly update their product portfolio, the list might still occasionally be incomplete. Therefore please contact your local City-Lab if the brand you are looking for is not included.
2mag (Labnet)
3M (Fisher, Labnet)
4titude (Biotop, Labnet)
ABgene, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Acris (BioNordika)
ACROBiosystems (Immuno Diagnostic)
Acros Organics (Fisher)
Active Motif (Labnet)
Adipogen Life Sciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
Adp (BioNordika)
Alfa Aesar (Fisher)
Alpha Diagnostic Int. (Immuno Diagnostic)
Alpha Laboratories (Labnet)
Alphatec (BioNordika)
Ambion, Invitrogen (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Anacyte Lab (Immuno Diagnostic)
AnaSpec (BioNordika)
Anatrace (BioNordika)
Ansell (Fisher and Labnet)
Applied Biosystems (Fisher, Thermo Life)
ArcticZymes (Biotop)
Arctiko (Labnet)
Asecos (Fisher, Labnet)
AusDiagnostic (BioNordika)
Axygen, Corning (Fisher, Labnet)
Bangs Laboratories (Immuno Diagnostic)
Bel Art Scienceware (Fisher)
Bellco Glass (Labnet)
BD (Becton Dickinson)
Binder (Labnet)
BioAssay Systems (Immuno Diagnostic)
BioCision (Biotop)
BioConcept (BioNordika)
BioDrop (BioNordika)
Bioer (Fisher)
Biohit (Sartorius)
Bioline (Biotop)
BioMedica (BioNordika)
BioRad Laboratories
Bioreba (Immuno Diagnostic)
Biosan (Labnet)
Biosera (BioNordika)
Bioserv (BioNordika)
Biosource, Invitrogen (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Bioss (Immuno Diagnostic)
BiosPacific (Bio-Techne)
BiothinX (Biotop)
Biotium (BioNordika)
Biovendor (Immuno Diagnostic)
Biowest (Biotop)
Blue-Ray Biotech (Biotop)
BMS Bio Molecular Systems (Biotop)
Bollé Safety (Fisher)
BostonBiochem (Bio-Techne)
Brady (BioNordika, Fisher, Labnet)
BRAND (Fisher, Labnet)
Branson (Labnet)
Brooks Life Sciences (Biotop)
BTX Harvard Apparatus (Fisher)
Burkle (Fisher, Labnet)
Büchi (Labnet)
Calbiochem (Merck Millipore)
Calibre scientific (BioNordika)
Calpro (Immuno Diagnostic)
Caltag, Invitrogen (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Cambio (Immuno Diagnostic)
Camlab (Labnet)
CAPP (Biotop)
Cayman Chemical (BioNordika, Immuno)
CBG Biotech (Immuno Diagnostic)
Cedarlane (Immuno Diagnostic)
Cellabs (Immuno Diagnostic)
Cellink (Immuno Diagnostic)
Cell Projects (Immuno Diagnostic)
Cell Signaling Technology (CST) (BioNordika)
Cell Viability Inc. (Fisher)
Cepheid (Immuno Diagnostic)
Chromasolv, Honeywell (Fisher)
Cleaver Scientific (BioNordika, Labnet)
Clintech (BioNordika)
Cole-Parmer (Fisher)
Concise separations (BioNordika)
Coris Bioconcept (Immuno Diagnostic)
Corning (Fisher, Labnet)
Creative Biomart (Immuno Diagnostic)
Curiosis (Biotop)
Cygnus technologies (BioNordika)
Cytiva (Fisher)
Cytocell (BioNordika)
Cytomark (Immuno Diagnostic)
DDC Medica (Fisher)
Denovo matrix (BioNordika)
Demeditech (ImmunoDiagnostic)
Dharmacon, GE Healthcare (Fisher & Immuno)
Diagast (Immuno Diagnostic)
Diagenode (BioNordika)
Dianova (Immuno Diagnostic)
Diazyme (Biotop)
Diesse (Immuno Diagnostic)
Digi-Sense (Fisher)
Dojindo (Biotop)
Duchefa Biochemie (Labnet)
DuPont (Fisher)
Duran Group (Fisher, Labnet)
Dynal (Fisher)
Dynex Technologies (Immuno Diagnostic)
DWK Life Sciences (Fisher)
eBioscience (Fisher)
ECM Biosciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
EdgeBio (BioNordika)
Elabscience (Immuno Diagnostic)
Electrothermal (Fisher)
emp BIOTECH (Biotop)
Empire Genomics (Immuno Diagnostic)
Eppendorf (BioNordika, Fisher, Labnet)
Erlab (Fisher)
Essen BioScience / Incucyte (Sartorius)
Eurogentec (BioNordika)
Exosomed (Bio-Techne)
Falcon, Corning (Fisher, Labnet)
Fermentas, Thermo Scientific (Fisher and Thermo Life)
Finnpipette, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
Fisher BioReagents (Fisher)
Fisher Chemicals (Fisher)
Fisherbrand (Fisher)
Fluxion biosciences (BioNordika)
Focus Diagnostics (Immuno Diagnostic)
Fujirebio Diagnostics (Biotop)
Fujirebio (Innogenetics) (Immuno Diagnostic)
GE Healthcare (Fisher)
Geneaid (Immuno Diagnostic)
Gene Bridges (Immuno Diagnostic)
Genevac (Fisher)
GenomeMe (Immuno Diagnostic)
Gibco (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Gilson (Fisher)
Gosselin (Fisher, Labnet)
Grant (Fisher, Labnet)
Greiner Bio-One (BioNordika, Labnet)
gti gmbh (BioNordika)
Hain Lifescience (Immuno Diagnostic)
Hamilton (Fisher, Labnet)
HansaBioMed (BioNordika)
Heathrow Scientific (Fisher)
Helena Biosciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
Hermle (Labnet)
Hettich (Labnet)
Hirschmann (Labnet)
Hoefer (Fisher)
Hologic (Immuno Diagnostic)
Honeywell (Fisher)
HTG (Bionoridka)
HyClone, GE HealthcareCytiva (Fisher)
Hycult Biotech (Immuno Diagnostic)
Hydranal, Honeywell (Fisher)
IBA (Fisher)
IKA (Fisher, Labnet)
ImmunoChemistry Tech. (Immuno Diagnostic)
IMMY (Immuno Diagnostic)
Incucyte (Sartorius)
Indigo Biosciences (BioNordika)
Invent Biotechnologies (Immuno Diagnostic)
Invitrogen, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Invitek (BioNordika)
Ion Torrent (Thermo Life)
Ismatec (Fisher)
Isolab (Labnet)
J.T.Baker (Fisher)
Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories (Fisher and Labnet)
Jenway, Bibby Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
Julabo (Labnet)
Kainos Laboratories (Immuno Diagnostic)
Kartell Labware (Fisher, Labnet)
Kern (Labnet)
Kimberly-Clark (Fisher, Labnet)
Kinematica (Fisher)
Labcon (Fisher)
Labnet International (BioNordika, Labnet)
LabRobot (Immuno Diagnostic)
Labsystems Diagnostics Oy (Immuno Diagnostic)
Leica (Immuno Diagnostic)
Lexogen (Immuno Diagnostic)
LGC Biosearch Tech/Lucigen (Immuno Diagnostic)
Liebherr (Fisher, Labnet)
Liofilchem (Immuno Diagnostic)
LLG (Labnet)
Logos Biosystems (BioNordika)
Lonza (BioNordika)
Macherey-Nagel (Biotop, Labnet)
Marienfeld (Labnet)
Masterflex (Fisher)
Matreya LLC (BioNordika)
Matrix, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
MayBridge (Fisher)
MBP Molecular BioProducts (Fisher, Labnet)
Mediatech, Corning (Fisher, Labnet)
Medicago (Biotop)
Memmert (Fisher and Labnet)
Menzel, Thermo Scientific (Fisher)
Merck Millipore
Mercodia (Immuno Diagnostic)
Metabion (Immuno Diagnostic)
Mettler Toledo (Fisher, Labnet)
Microlytic (BioNordika)
Millicell (Merck Millipore)
Millipore (Fisher, Merck Millipore)
Milli-Q (Merck Millipore)
Minerva Biolabs (Immuno Diagnostic)
Mirus Bio (Immuno Diagnostic)
Modern Water (Biotop)
Molecular Dimensions (BioNordika)
Molecular Probes, Invitrogen (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Molecular Research Center (Fisher)
MP Biomedicals (Fisher, Labnet)
Munktell (Fisher, Labnet)
Mve (BioNordika)
Nalgene, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
NanoDrop, Thermo Scientific (BioNordika)
NanoEnTek (Immuno Diagnostic and Labnet)
Nasco (Labnet)
New England Biolabs (NEB) (BioNordika)
NEN –radiokemikaalit (PerkinElmer)
Nexcelom (Fisher, Immuno)
Nextal (BioNordika)
Next Advance (Biotop)
Nichirei Bioscience (Immuno Diagnostic)
Nickel Electro (Fisher)
Nikon (Labnet)
Nippon Genetics (Biotop)
Novagen (Merck Millipore)
Novex, Invitrogen (Fisher, Labnet, Thermo Life)
Novus Biologicals (Bio-Techne)
NuGEN (Immuno Diagnostic)
Nunc, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
Oakton (Fisher)
OCULUS (Biom 5) (Immuno Diagnostic)
Ohaus (Fisher, Labnet)
OMNI International (Immuno Diagnostic)
Orasure Technologies (Immuno Diagnostic)
Origene (BioNordika)
Oxford Immunotech (Immuno Diagnostic)
PAA Laboratories (Fisher)
Pakgen (Biotop)
PALL (Fisher)
PAN-Biotech (Immuno Diagnostic)
Paragon Genomics (Immuno Diagnostic)
Patheon (Thermo Life)
PCRmax (Fisher)
PHCbi (Panasonic Biomedical) (Labnet)
PhytoTech Labs (BioNordika)
Pierce, Thermo Scientific (Fisher, Thermo Life)
Pipettitohtori (Sartorius)
Planer (BioNordika)
Polyplus-transfection (Biotop)
Polysciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
Porkka (BioNordika)
Primera Technology (Immuno Diagnostic)
Porvair (BioNordika)
Promega (Labnet)
Promocell/PromoKine (Biotop)
ProSpec (Immuno Diagnostic)
ProteinArk (BioNordika)
Pyrex (Fisher)
Qkine (BioNordika)
Quansys Biosciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
Radleys (BioNordika)
ReproCell Group Company (Immuno Diagnostic)
Riboxx (BioNordika)
Riedel-de Haën, Honeywell (Fisher)
Ritter (Immuno Diagnostic, Labnet)
RNA Medical (Bio-Techne)
Rqmicro (Biotop)
R&D Systems (Bio-Techne)
Sage Science (BioNordika)
Samco, Thermo Scientific (Labnet)
Sanquin (Immuno Diagnostic)
Santa Cruz (Labnet)
Sarstedt (Labnet)
Sartorius (Fisher, Labnet, Sartorius)
S.C.A.T. (Fisher)
ScienCell Research Laboratories (Immuno Diagnostic)
SciLabware (Labnet)
SemperIt (Fisher and Labnet)
Sekisui (Immuno Diagnostic)
Serva Electrophoresis (Fisher)
SI Analytics (Fisher)
Simport (Fisher)
Solis Biodyne (Labnet)
SP Scienceware (Fisher)
SP Scientific (BioNordika)
SpeeDx (Immuno Diagnostic)
Spectrum Labs (Fisher)
Sterilin, Thermo Scientific (Fisher and Labnet)
Stuart, Bibby Scientific (Fisher, Labnet)
Svar Life Science (EuroDiagnostica) (Labnet)
Swift Biosciences (Immuno Diagnostic)
TATAA Biocenter (Immuno Diagnostic)
Techne (Fisher, Labnet)
Tenak (Fisher)
Testline (Immuno Diagnostic)
Testo (Labnet)
Th.Geyer (Biotop)
Thales Nano (BioNordika)
Thermo Scientific (BioNordika, Fisher, Labnet, Thermo)
Tocris (Bio-Techne)
transOMIC technologies (BioNordika)
USB, Affymetrix (Fisher, Thermo Life)
US Biological (Immuno Diagnostic)
Vale Life Sciences (Biotop)
Vector Laboratories (BioNordika)
Welch Ilmvac (Fisher)
Whatman, GE Healthcare (Fisher, Labnet)
Wheaton, DWK Life Sciences (Fisher)
Vidia (Immuno Diagnostic)
Vircell (Immuno Diagnostic)
Virion\Serion (Labnet)
Vitl life science solutions (BioNordika)
Worthington (BioNordika)
Zeulab (Immuno Diagnostic)

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