About the company

PerkinElmer is now Revvity. The Revvity corporation is the leading health technology innovator with about 14 000 employees around the world.
Revvity Finland Oy sells and markets equipment, reagents and software for life science research, clinical diagnostics and for the industry. Their top sellers are instruments, research reagents and consumables as well as maintenance service for their instruments.

Lately Revvity has expanded their product portfolio especially for researchers working on cell imaging. Revvity provides for example excellent well plates, PhenoVue cell imaging reagents, GrowDex hydrogels, cell lines and much more. In addition their product portfolio includes radiochemicals, Western Blot reagents and also reagents and instruments for In vivo research. Read more from


Product highlights

Are you working with 3D cell culture or are you using animal-derived matrices like collagen or Matrigel in your research? Read more about Revvity’s and UPM’s new completely animal-free GrowDex Hydrogels here!

Do you use ELISA kits in your research? New ELISA kits by CisBio are based on hTRF-technology and super easy to use. Read more about the kits here!

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