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Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson has City-Lab discount prices for many products. Ask us for more info!


New campaign brochure

Cell Signaling Technology campaign

NEB 50 years celebration

AssayGenie In Vivo antibodies -50%

Bio-Rad Laboratories

“Tree with every order”

Bio-Rad has special City-Lab prices for most products


Fisher Scientific
  • New City-Lab discount prices
  • FisherBrand Sweet Deals
  • FisherBrand Product of the Month
  • Spotlight campaign


  • New LaborTOPS
  • Cell counter slide & agarose & syringe filter offers

Eppendorf What’s Next campaign

AMICON Ultra Centrifugal Units

Cell culture antibiotics

MILLIPLEX Cancer Research Assays


Revvity’s campaigns are found here

Offer on cfDNA manual extraction kit

Remember tender prices!


Most Qiagen products have City-Lab discount prices all-year

  • Special City-Lab prices
  • Pipette Trade-in campaign
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Genetic analysis promo

Ask us about your quotes – also special City-Lab prices for many products


Ice Cream Summer

Summer offers

Tender prices – ask us for more info!

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