Fisher Scientific

Liquid Handling promotion

Save up to 50% in electronic and manual pipettes and tips. The campaign includes customer-favorites such as ART tips, storage plates and a wide variety of Novus, Finnpipette and ClipTip pipettes, including multichannel models. Read the campaign brochure.


Cytiva Lab Recharge 

Cytiva products up to 45 % off – products from e.g. Amersham, Whatman and HyClone brands.  See campaign products by category here.

Campaign continues until December 31st 2022, promotion code varies by category.


Save on Equipment

Many instruments on offer, such as Fisherbrand mini-centrifuge – 34% and mini-vortex – 49%. Read more.

Campaign continues until December 31st 2022 with  promotion code 17121.


Newest Spotlight campaign

The Spotlight campaign includes promotions on analytic balances, plate centrifuges, long-cuff nitrile gloves and hydrochloric acid. See promotion details here.

The current offer is valid until November 30th 2022 with promotion code 16499.


FisherBrand product of the month

Campaign products for November are the Fisherbrand™ SureOne™ Low Retention Filter tips for a 20% discount. Read more here!

Campaign prices are valid until November 30th with a campaign code 16583.


FisherBrand Sweet Deals

Save up to 60% on top products such as PCR tubes, multichannel pipettes, tube racks, autoclave bags and bottletop dispensers. See more information here.

Offer is valid until November 30th with a promotion code 16571.


More campaigns can be found here or by asking from City-Lab!


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