Cell Signaling Technology: 3+1 offer!

Buy three products and get a fourth product for free. Read more. Sampler kits are not included in the campaign. CST is an awarded antibody manufacturer.

Valid until 16.12.2022 with code GLBGF22.


LUNA cell counters – free slides!

Purchase any LUNA cell counter unit and receive 500 free slides. Different counter types for different cell types – ask City-Lab for more info!

Valid until 31.12.2022.


AssayGenie ELISA kits for growth factors – 50 %

AssayGenie offers over 140 validated ELISA kits for different growth factors, e.g. FGF family, IGF, EGF, VEGF, TGF. Kits optimized for different organisms are available.

Valid until 31.12.2022 with code GeniePromoQ4.


BioNordika autumn promotions:

Lonza BulletKit (cell-spesific medium + growth factors + hormones) 

  • 18 % off 2nd kit when you buy two

Sapphire PCR-products(strips and plates)

  • 15 % off

New England Biolabs RNA sequencing products

  • 15 % off

Vector glyco-screening kits

  • 12 % off

AssayGenie cytokine and chemokine ELISAs 

  • 50 % off
  • Act fast! This promotion is only valid until Sept 30th with code GeniePromoQ3 

Additional new product for smallRNA, cell-based receptor assays, acellular recombinant protein production. Read all promotions here!

Promotions are valid until Dec 31st 2022 with code BN-AUTUMN22.

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