This page features on-going BioNordika campaigns. 

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Promotion prices for e.g.

  • Biofil mini serological pipettes – increase comfort when working in laminar
  • Buy a MycoAlert kit, USB charger with purchase
  • ProteinArk protein purification tools: chemicals, columns, resins, dialysis tubes etc. -12%
  • Eppendorf centrifuges 5810 & 5810R -10%, good offers on DNA LoBind tubes
    • 0030108051 DNA LoBind Tubes,1,5ml, PCR clean 14,76 eur/250 pcs
  • NEB Luna (RT)-qPCR products -16%
  • Free dNTP mix with NEB polymerase purchase in L size

New products such as SpotSee temperature monitoring stickers and NEBNext UltraExpress library prep kits. Pick up a copy in City-Lab or read online!

Valid until 31.5.2024 with code BN-HAPPY24.


VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit – Trial Offer -20%

  • Simplifies sample processing for manual immunofluorescence or tyramide workflows with FFPE sections
  • Allows antibody removal at room temperature without degrading tissues or reducing target availability (antigenicity) even after multiple rounds of staining and removal (at least 6 rounds)
  • Accelerates multiplex assay optimization
  • Preserves precious samples
  • Ready-to-Use kit for 125 reactions, for all species (VRK-1000)

Valid until 31.5.2024 with code BN-HAPPY24.


OriGene TriLencer-27 siRNA Kits -15%

The Trilencer-27 siRNA kits have Dicer-Substrate duplexes, offering two significant enhancements compared to conventional 21mer siRNA designs. Leveraging the natural processing by Dicer, these duplexes exhibit a 10-fold increase in potency and specificity compared to shorter 21-mer siRNA designs. Additionally, the 27-mer duplexes can bypass the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells, leading to robust and specific gene silencing.

Each siRNA comes as a kit and includes the following:

  • Three gene specific siRNAs : siRNA (A), siRNA (B) and siRNA (C) (2 nmol each)
  • Trilencer-27 (2 nmol), a universal scrambled negative Control siRNA Duplex
  • 2 ml of RNAse free siRNA duplex resuspension buffer
  • Genome wide coverage against human, mouse and rat genes
  • Quaranteed gene knockdown (70 %)

Valid until 31.5.2024 with code BN-HAPPY24.


Selection of ELISA kits for hormone and small molecule detection -50%

From AssayGenie – pre-coated, validated & sensitive ELISA kits (96 assays):

  • Universal: cross-react with human, mouse, NHP, rat, bovine, porcine etc. samples
  • With spike-recovery, linearity, range, CV% & standard curve data

See all available kits here.

Valid until 31.3.2024 with code BN-HAPPY24 / GeniePromoQ124.


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