Starlab 25 years

25 years of liquid handling expertise! In a new campaign brochure discount prices for e.g.

  • robot tips (Tecan & Biomek)
  • 200 ul Ultrapoint Sterile Filter tips (10*96)
    • rack 68 eur
    • refill 58 eur 
  • freezer racks – very special price!
  • filtration products
  • a large selection of instruments, e.g. aspirator, mini centrifuge and GuardOne workstation for PCR work and sensitive applications

Read campaign brochure here.

Valid until 31.12.2023


Macherey-Nagel Classics promotion

Promotion prices for Macherey-Nagel nucleic acid extraction and purification kits!

  • Plasmid /genomic DNA
  • RNA
  • NGS/PCR clean-up
  • His-tag proteins

Receive up to four boxes of Fazer Christmas chocolates with purchase! See all kits here.

Valid until 31.12.2023.


Macherey-Nagel Clean Up promotion

The most popular NucleoSpin and NucleoMag clean-up kits with discounted prices and a tube rack for free with each order. See full product list and prices here.

  • Gel & PCR
    • for agarose gel samples and PCR reactions
    • four formats based on sample volume: micro, mini, midi, maxi
  • gDNA& RNA
    • cleaning and/or concentrating extracted nucleic acids
    • gDNA two formats: micro & mini
    • RNA three formats: micro, mini & maxi
  • NGS

Valid until October 31st 2023.


Medicago buffer promotion

Prepare buffer in minutes – just add water!

PBS-tablets, pH 7.4 (1000 ml/tablet)

  • 09-9400-100 PBS: now 225 eur (previously 261 eur)
  • 09-9410-100 PBS-Tween: now 275 eur (was 297 eur)

TBS-tablets, pH 7.6 (500 ml/tabletti)

  • 09-7500-100 TBS: now 208 eur (was 238 eur)
  • 09-7519-100 TBS-Tween: now 275 eur (was 291 eur)

Package size 100 tablets. Read more.

Valid until December 31st 2023. Prices VAT 0%


Azenta (old name: 4titude) PCR & qPCR plastics promotion

Azenta has a large range of plastics for standard applications as well as demanding special applications, such as NGS (low DNA binding plates). In the new Biotopics Azenta special brochure find offers for:

  • Framestar 2-component PCR plates (when you wish to reduce sample evaporation significantly)
  • many standard PCR & qPCR plates (e.g. favorites: 4ti-0740, 4ti-0750 and 4ti-0750/TA which is breakable to 8-strips)
  • adhesive seals (the customer favorites 4ti-0500 and 4ti-0550 with promotion price!)
  • deep well storage plates

Valid until end of July 2023, except standard PCR plates until end of December 2023.


Special prices for Macherey-Nagel Most Wanted products

DNA & RNA isolation kit best sellers with promo price for the whole year 2023!

See list of kits here.

Use the Macherey-Nagel kit finder to find the right type of kit for your downstream needs.

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