Thermo Fisher Scientific

End-of-year deals


ThermoFisher Scientific’s new campaign includes hundreds of products from known brands such as Invitrogen, Nunc, Gibco, Pierce and Applied Biosystems.

Is your favorite included? Ask us at City-Lab! Or look at all the offers online. Please give the campaign code RPROMV  when you make your order, so that you don’t miss out on the discount.

  • Up to 65% off on select cell culture products when you buy products from two or more different product categories
    • plastics, media, reagents (such as trypsin & pen-strep), buffers and FBS
  • Up to 49 % off on many protein gels (NuPAGE, Novex, Bolt)
  • Up to 31% off on select competent cells, such as One Shot
  • 33% off on GeneRuler ladders and many enzymes such as
    • RiboLock RNase Inhibitor
    • Maxima reverse transcriptases
    • FastDigest restriction enzymes
    • Many polymerases (DreamTaq, Phusion…)


There are also good discounts on instruments and lab consumables such as PCR plastics, agarose and UltraPure TAE & TBE buffers.


Ask about their other offers and university quotes from City-Lab!


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