About the company

VingLab is the laboratory unit of Vingmed Ltd, which is one of the largest distributors of healthcare and laboratory products in the Nordic countries. The Vingmed Group has been serving the Nordic countries for over 50 years.

VingLab specializes in distributing laboratory products and collaborates with leading laboratory manufacturers worldwide. We import and offer high-quality solutions for research, industrial, educational, and clinical laboratory diagnostics. Our experienced experts offer personalized services to our customers. Our office and warehouse facilities are situated in Espoo. We guarantee fast and dependable deliveries across Finland, ensuring a prompt response for our customers.


Our diverse product selection comprises high-quality laboratory supplies and equipment. Some of our key product categories include liquid processing, biomonitoring, filtration technology, sample preparation, thermal technology and shakers, cell biology, reagents, molecular biology, microbiology, and clinical diagnostics.

Vingmed Ltd has aquired Biotop Ltd and the business of Biotop will be transferred to Vingmed’s laboratory unit VingLab, starting September 18th, 2023. The long-term cooperation with City-Lab Oy continues.

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