Labnet Oy is a trusted Finnish company established in 1971, so already 50 years ago! Labnet’s parent company is Oy G.W.Berg & Co. Ab (GWB). Labnet is a life science supplier and their top sellers are LLG products, benchtop equipments, antibodies and cell culture reagents and consumbles.

The first Labortops of the year 2022 is here!

Lets start the year with the first Labortops and great offers! Scroll through the magazine here and you will find excellent promotions for example on Sartorius’ ENTRISS balances, pH meters and buffers, Cleaver OMNIpage TETRAD gel system, compact 28L cooling incubator and Velp’s vortex with an IR sensor.

Campaigns are valid until the end of March 2022.


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