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Our slogan “Y(our) Science” has reflected our purpose ever since City-Lab was founded in 1993. We are an important support function for the science community and therefore it symbolizes why our company exists:

“City-Lab’s services help researchers and science professionals have more time for the research.”

Our business model is straightforward but can be a bit unusual, making it hard to grasp. To make things clearer, we’ve decided to create a simple picture to show how we do business and create value for our customers and suppliers.

Local customer service and point-of-contact

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We have wanted to make City-Lab a positive place to visit. We cherish our long-term customers. It is important to us that we operate in brick and mortar stores close to where our customers work: you can pop by in the middle of the day, we always have time to help you.

For our suppliers, we serve as the local face of customer service, often being the initial point of contact for purchases. By handling a significant portion of the workload, we alleviate the burden on suppliers, transforming supply chain management into a smoother process. This establishes a mutually beneficial situation, a win-win-win scenario involving suppliers, City-Lab, and customers.

We provide our customers and suppliers with clear benefits in three main ways: marketing, service including local supply and background operations.



Bioscience Insights at Your Fingertips: City-Lab’s exclusive newsletter delves into the forefront of bioscience, captivating our customers with essential events and topics. Being part of this, suppliers can ensure the visibility of the brand, best campaigns, and trending topics in the dynamic field of bioscience.

Engaging Exhibitions: Local exhibitions bring suppliers’ product specialists and experts face-to-face with hundreds of customers, fostering meaningful connections and driving impactful interactions.


Personalized Customer Care: Our local customer service is more than just support; it’s a personalized experience. We know our client, recommend the right products, and provide alternative options when needed. Our customer service specialists are mainly biologists, biochemists, and engineers, who understand customer needs.

Convenience and Confidence: Local supply means you don’t just receive goods; you receive peace of mind. We’re present, even during your holidays, ensuring a seamless experience practically every business day. This enables cost-efficiency and sustainability by optimizing logistics, enhancing efficiency, and minimizing carbon footprint, thus contributing to a greener planet.

Immediate Access to Essentials: Our strategic storage of key products near to you guarantees immediate availability of favorite reagents and consumables, for our customers’ convenience and satisfaction!

Background Operations

Precision in Every Order: Our meticulous order checking processes significantly reduce errors, ensuring a smooth and error-free transaction experience and customer satisfaction.

Smart Shopping: We provide price and availability comparisons, but the customer makes the decision.

Effortless Deliveries: Thorough delivery checks minimize the effort required for reclamations, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for our valued customers, and ensuring the highest quality of service.

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