From neuroscience research to City-Lab customer service


Hi, My name is Uni, and I started working in City-Lab in the beginning of May to replace Nancy while she is away on maternity leave.

I am a soon-to-be master of Translational Medicine, and I conducted my studies here in Meilahti, so I am already very familiar with the Meilahti Campus. I have already had the pleasure of meeting previous colleagues and study friends while working here in City-Lab, which has been fun. I did my Bachelor’s in Molecular Biosciences in the Viikki Campus.

I did my thesis in Karita Haapasalo’s Inflammation and Infections group right on the other side of the road, Haartman Institute. My work focused on Alzheimer’s disease and the complement system. I’ve also worked in other research groups, so I have had the joy of performing plenty of ELISA’s and WB’s – and cell culture. This means that many products available in City-Lab are already very familiar to me. But I am of course learning more about lab products every day!

Before, while working in research, I sometimes had to run to City-Lab in a panic to find a necessary product for an experiment (not to mention candy emergencies). I love that now I am able to be the one who saves the day by getting someone that required buffer in the middle of a critical experiment!

See you in Biomedicum!

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